Our Principles

The course is shaped by our beliefs about the Bible

  • We believe the Bible is the Word of God...so we treat it with the respect due to the one who speaks through it.
  • We believe the Bible is purposeful and persuasive...so we seek to submit to and serve that purpose as we teach it.
  • We believe the Bible is given to us in whole books...so we engage with whole books of the Bible, at least six over a year.
  • We believe the Bible is sufficient for the Christian leader/teacher to be thoroughly equipped...so we learn and grow through direct engagement with the Bible, building our theology inductively.
  • We believe the Bible is given for the local church...so we study, learn and practise in a local church setting.
  • We believe the Bible is given to all Christians across all church history...so we listen to and read what others say or have said about the Bible, holding on to what is good.

Learning to preach, teach and lead Bible studies well requires effort and application alongside self-awareness, humility and a prayerful dependence on God. Bible Training Yorkshire exists to provide a setting in which these things can take place.